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Lon Cook

lead consultant

At the age of five, Lon had handled an Apple ][ computer, but not yet seen a color television. A mathematical inclination, creative leanings, and eye for detail led to studies in photography, scultpure, interior design and architecture. His personality and education (institutional and self taught) have led to a unique career path. Scale model builder, sculptor, Macintosh repair tech, freelance database admin, //rotoscoper and bike messenger are all hats Lon has worn.

Founding deconstrukted solutions in 2006, he wanted to bring a level of service, previousely only available to corporate costumers, to small businesses and non-profits. Far too often, when searching for a consultant, focus has been on finding a designer or a programmer/developer; or worse, two seperate consultants would be hired. Lon brings both of these skills to bear. Programmer who designs? Designer who programs? Either way, a developer that harnesses and understands both disciplines results in cleaner and more robust solutions, and possibly one less consultant.